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El concepto de elegancia Warwick- Lafavette- Beaton - John French

Model in John Cavanagh's strapless evening gown, photo John French. 
Black and white photography. London, UK, Spring 1957. 

Dame Lilian Braithwaite (1873-1948), actress, photo Lafayette Portrait Studios.
 Black and white photography. London, England, 1901. 

Lady De Bathe, actress, photo Lafayette Portrait Studios. Black and white photography. London, England, 1899

Ellen Terry (1847-1928), photo Frederick Hollyer (1837-1933). Black and white photography. England, 19th-20th century. 

Female outfit, photo John French (1907-66).
 Black and white photography. London, UK, 1960s. 

Feather boa, photo John French (1907-66). Black and white photography. London, UK, 1960s. 

Outfit and white hat, photo John French (1907-66). Black and white photography. London, UK, 1960s. 

Jean Shrimpton (b.1942) in a Madame Paulette's stiffened net hat, 
photo John French (1907-66). Black and white photography. London, UK, 1963. 

Queen Elizabeth II in Coronation robes, photo Cecil Beaton (1904-80). 
Silver gelatin print. England, 1953. 

White glove with cigarette holder, photo John French (1907-66).
 Black and white photography. London, UK, 1960s." 

Princess Margaret, photo Cecil Beaton (1904-80). Silver gelatin print. England, 20th century. 

Anya Linden (b.1933) as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty by The Royal Ballet Theatre,
 photo Anthony Crickmay (b.1937). Black and white photography.  London, England, 1963. 

Berlei corseted girdle, photo John French (1906-66). Black and white photography. London, UK, late 1940s. 

Tallulah Bankhead (1902-68), actress, one of a diptych, photo Curtis Moffat (1887-1949). Gelatin silver print. London, UK, 1925-30. 

Model posing in a bustier, photo John French (1907-66), for the Daily Express. Black and white photography. London, England, 1960." 

Woman in broderie anglaise slip, photo John French (1907-66). Black and white photography. London, UK, 1960s."

Elsie Randolph, actress. Early 20th century.

Evening dress, photo John French (1907-66). Black and white photography. London, UK, 1960s. 

                                                                    Model with a hoop, photo John French. London, England, 1960s

Skater in a Digby Morton fur trimmed velvet coat and city gent Michael Bentley in the background, photo John French (1907-66), for the Daily Express. Black and white photography. London, UK, 1955. 

Tennis group, photo John French (1907-66), for the Daily Mail. Black and white photography. London, England, May 29th 1964." 

Frilled lace dress, photo John French (1907-66). Black and white photography. London, UK, 1960s. 

Paulene Stone in a Barbara Hulanicki dress for Biba, photo John French (1906-66), published by The Daily Mirror. Black and white photography. England, 1964

Spotted bonnet, photo John French. London, UK, 1960s

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother (1900-2002), photo Cecil Beaton (1904-1980). Black and white photography. UK, 1939.

Duchess of Kent (1906-68), photo Cecil Beaton (1904-80). Silver Gelatin Print. London, England, 1937. 

"Los tiempos han cambiado,
dicen que ya no hay nada nuevo,
que las cosas se reinventan - se mejoran - transmutan 
todas estas mujeres tienen algo en común: 
 poses que reflejan el estado de ánimo, ya sea que transmitan sensualidad, 
seguridad, femineidad, elegancia, fuerza, poder, sexo, androginismo, 
naturalidad, exageración,
cualquier mujer, chica, joven se siente identificada con la modelo
de los 60´s, 30´s, 90´s y contemporáneo, 
lo interesante de esta selección
y a modo de ejercicio personal que deseo compartir con ustedes es el 
estilo en que fueron fotografiadas, la variación, desde el tipo de
camara fotografica, tipo de rollo, luz, blanco y negro en diferentes épocas, 
el uso de la pintura para retocar, excentricidad, la moralidad de la aristocracia, 
hasta la técnica del photoshop, que en lo personal ni un estilo ni el moderno
desmerecen el resultado obtenido"

"Los tiempos cambian, las mujeres cambiamos, la gama de camáras fotograficas aumenta, 
pero el impacto de una imagen y el gusto-placer-hobbie-pasión de plasmar en palabras
visuales no cambiará"


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